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Underground Passage

Ocean Boulevard can get really busy in the summertime. But even when it’s not busy, this Secret Underground Tunnel is always fun to walk through.

It is the only one of it’s kind in the city of Myrtle Beach. Yet another unique item no other Myrtle Beach hotel can claim. This underground passage goes under Ocean Boulevard from Jason’s Café area to the corner of 13th Avenue South.

Kids love to view the aquatic mural painted on its walls and ceiling. Sea Mist loves it for our guests because it helps provide safe passage from one side of our property to the other without being concerned with traffic.  

Be safe and be sure to utilize this Secret Passage under the Boulevard while you visit Myrtle Beach and Sea Mist Oceanfront.

 Click Here for hours of operation.


Notable Note: For your safety and convenience, there is an underground passage at Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Hotel that travels underneath South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, SC.