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Important Check-In Information

Sea Mist REGISTRATION is located at 305 13th Avenue South, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Payment for any outstanding balance will be required at check-in. The tax on accommodations in the City of Myrtle Beach is now 13%.



Your vacation at the Sea Mist can start any time on your day of arrival.  Just check-in at the Registration Office. Registration will give you keys as soon as your lodging is ready.  While we are happy for you to arrive earlier in the day, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOUR ROOM MAY NOT BE READY TO ENTER UNTIL EARLY EVENING BECAUSE OF THE HIGH NUMBER OF ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES DURING OUR PEAK SEASONS.  There are PLENTY of things to do at Sea Mist until your room is ready.  See the list at the bottom of this page.

  • Directions: to Sea Mist
  • Property Map: Check-In is at the Registration Office located at 305 13th Avenue South, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.  There are 27 buildings spread out over 15 acres at Sea Mist.  This printable map will help familiarize you with the property before you arrive.
  • F.A.Q's: This link may help with some questions you may have or provide interesting facts you did not know.
  • Notable Note: Sea Mist does not provide cribs or roll-away beds.
  • Car Games: This link will provide loads of Fun things to do for the kids while traveling to the beach.

Have a safe trip and may your traffic lights be green!


Expedite Check-In

To speed up your check-in process, please bring the following to the front desk:

  1. PHOTO IDENTIFICATION: Myrtle Beach law requires that ALL individuals 21 years old and older present a valid photo identification at check-in.  Please have all adults in your party bring their photo I.D. to the Registration for check-in.
  2. LICENSE PLATE: Myrtle Beach law requires hotels to keep a record of license tag number(s) and vehicle information.  Make sure you bring the following information on all vehicles that will be parked at Sea Mist to the Registration Office. 
  Sample: Vehicle #1 Vehicle #2
State: ____SC____ ___________ ___________
License Plate Number: __SMR 000__ ___________ ___________
Make & Model: 1996 Nissan Maxima ___________ ___________
Color: ____White____ ___________




  1. First, be sure you have visited the office and received your parking permit(s).
  2. PARK YOUR CAR at Sea Mist's 5-level Parking Deck at the corner of Yaupon & 13th Avenue.  ~Non Package Guests: There is fun on every corner at Sea Mist.  We have listed the many amenities available to you to explore at your leisure.   ~Package Guests: if you are on a Family Vacation Package, be sure to GET YOUR FAMILY I.D. PHOTO TAKEN RIGHT NOW.  This will give you access to all the fun things included in your package now at no cost to you, including the amusement park and Wahoo Water Park.  A perfect way to bide your time while waiting for your room to open.  Photos are taken inside ARCADE Dy-NA-MITE! Take elevator on the 1st floor of the parking deck. The Arcade is straight ahead as you step off the elevator on the 1st floor.
  3. Restrooms & Changing Rooms, Arcade & Registration are all located on the 1st floor of the parking deck. The perfect place to begin. You can check-in, change into your bathing suits and go for a swim, or enjoy an explosion of excitement at Arcade Dy-na-mite!




~THE BEACH! - only 11/2 short  blocks from the parking deck.  Use the Sea Mist Underground Passage to cross beneath Ocean Boulevard.  Entrance located on Ocean Boulevard between 12th and 13th Avenues South.

~ Wahoo Water Park - Entrance located on the corner of 13th Avenue and Ocean Boulevard.  As with anyone who BOOKS DIRECTLY with Sea Mist, you will receive FREE passes.  Otherwise there is a $3 per person per day charge. Towels are not included but can be purchased at Flip Flops Surf & Grocery. 

~ Spacious Sundecks - Kick back and relax on the many oceanfront, Water Park & pool side sundecks.

~ Swimming Pools & Jacuzzis - there are numerous pools and jumbo sized Jacuzzis to enjoy.

~ Wet Willies Oceanfront Wading Pool - Located at the end of 12th Avenue South, this oceanfront spot is prefect for the kids and parents to relax while waiting on your room access. Free to Sea Mist  Guests.

~ Misty Falls Miniature Golf - A double-nine hole putt-putt course located on the corner of 14th Avenue South and Yaupon Drive.  A $2 charge per person for non-package guests.

~ Arcade Dy-na-mite! An explosion of exciting games and thousands of prizes to win. Located on the 1st floor of Sea Mist Parking Deck right behind Registration on 13th Avenue South.

~ Jason's Cafe &  Ice Cream Shop - located on the corner of 13th Avenue South and South Ocean Boulevard.

~ Flip Flops Surf & Grocery - located directly on Ocean Boulevard near the corner of 12th Avenue South.

~ Oceanfront Barefoot Cabana Bar - located oceanfront down 13th Avenue South on the Spray Building deck.

~ The Purple Pelican - located on Ocean Boulevard by Jason's Cafe & Tena's Restaurant between 12th and 13th Avenue South.

~ Sea Mist Cinema - free movies on select nights for Sea Mist guests only.

Be sure to download the following FREE Property info App to check out hours of operation and more! Or click here for HOTEL SCHEDULE

Information on the Property App at Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Hotel in Myrtle Beach SC
Downloadable Check-In information


Notable Note: Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Hotel in Myrtle Beach has convenient Check In information as well as things to do should you choose to check in early.