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App Info for Gift Shop & Grocery

Wow! What a collection of cool stuff. This unique gift shop has a selection of souvenirs, t-shirts, clothes, shoes, beach toys and much more! Here are a few examples of what you can find at The Treasure Chest.Located on Ocean Boulevard between 12th & 13th Avenue South.

* Water Shoes & Flip Flops
* Authentic Jewelry
* Wind Chimes
* Magnets
* T-Shirts & Hats
* Candy
* Sunscreen & Sun Tan Lotion
* Beach Toys
* Boogie Boards
* Beach Towels
* Razors, Soap & Shampoo
* Coffee & Coffee Filters
* Milk
* Bread & Crackers
* Condiments
* Canned Goods
* Chips
* Juices
* Coke & Pepsi Products
* Beer & Wine Coolers
* Cigarettes
* Toothpaste & Deodorant
* Headache, cold & Allergy Remedies

While you're there, be sure to purchase a Sea Mist 32oz Refillable Travel Mug, it keeps ice and drink colder longer!  Only $6.95 with Pepsi product refills only 99 cents each at any of Sea Mist's food & beverage outlets. Needing air for your float, the Treasure Chest has an air compressor for those guests needing to blow up their floats. FREE of charge! Also available in the Arcade Dy-na-Mite!

When you visit Myrtle Beach and Sea Mist, rest assured there may be at least one item you may have forgotten. No worries. Our Quick Stop Grocery carries more items than most any of the Myrtle Beach hotels and at reasonable prices. Plus, just like the Gift Shop, there are great items in the store you can grab for the beach! Located on Ocean Boulevard between 11th & 12th Avenue South.

Notable Note: Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Hotel in Myrtle Beach features Flip Flops Surf and Grocery Store providing gifts, souvenirs, food, drinks, and beach items on this free Free Downloadable Property App.